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”Pia Justesen has worked with Human European Consultancy in a number of EU-wide research assignments of the European Commission in the field of equal treatment and non-discrimination. Pia covered the development and implementation of legislation and policy in these fields in Denmark against the backdrop of Denmark’s obligations due to international and EU-law. She produced high quality reports showing her expertise in this field, with a keen eye for developments that are relevant from an international and European comparative perspective. The projects Pia was involved in and produced country reports for can be viewed at http://www.humanconsultancy.com/project?pid=9 (Legalnet), http://www.humanconsultancy.com/project?pid=29 (ART – awareness raising seminars) and http://www.humanconsultancy.com/project?pid=29 (study on Equality Bodies)”
Marcel Zwamborn
Managing Partner, Human European Consultancy, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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