Expert advisor within 
corporate social responsibility (CSR)
and non-discrimination (EQUALITY).


Corporate social responsibility is about companies and organizations taking ownership for their impact on society. CSR is about their contribution to sustainable social, environmental and economic development. To create shared value a strategic approach to CSR is essential. 


Respect for human rights is a precondition to sustainable societies. How minorities including ethnic minorities and individuals with disabilities are treated says a lot about a community – whether small or large. Anti-discrimination and equality law principles are important elements of modern democracies.


CSR and EQUALITY advisor Pia Justesen

Pia Justesen is a recognized expert in issues of CSR and non-discrimination. She is a Danish lawyer and holds a Ph.D. in human rights and labor market equality from the University of Copenhagen.

Pia is the founder of Justadvice, where she advises a range of different private and public companies and organizations.

Primary areas of expertise:

  • Experienced CSR and anti-discrimination specialist: inspirer, speaker, writer and Advisor
  • CSR processes in practice: ambitions -> policies and Codes of Conduct -> involvement of stakeholders -> implementation -> reporting 
  • Non-discrimination and equality: analysis, reports and training with a primary focus on ethnic minorities and individuals with disabilities.


Pia has spent a number of years in the US market. She lived in New York City working with a human rights organization and in New Haven, Connecticut as a fellow at Yale Law School. She currently resides in Chicago with her husband and children. 

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Justadvice offers professional assistance with CSR, from inspiration and advice to training and implementation of CSR in practice. Justadvice facilitates CSR processes and develops policies and Codes of Conduct. In addition to, facilitating CSR-dialogues and engagement with employees, NGO’s, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders as a certified mediator.
Justadvice focuses on the social dimensions of CSR. The approach is based on international principles and guidelines such as the United Nations Global Compact, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 26.000 on Social Responsibility.

Facilitation of CSR processes in practice:



Justadvice cooperates with CSR Nordic having developed a software for CSR reporting to successfully implement CSR.

The software is certified by Global Reporting Initiative – GRI G4.

See www.csr-nordic.com and
https://www.globalreporting.org/ reporting/reporting-support/certified-software-and-tools/Pages/default.aspx

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Justadvice specializes in complex projects in the fields of international human rights, equality and non-discrimination. Presentations and legal analysis, reports, advice and training are provided on current non-discrimination and equality issues. The primary focus is with ethnic minorities and individuals with disabilities.

With a background in research as well as practicing law, Justadvice develops compliance tools, awareness-raising and individual projects to protect against discrimination, to promote genuine equal opportunities and to recommend policy developments.

The goal of Justadvice is to actively contribute to a society where human rights are better protected.  

Justadvice has a large international human rights and equality network and Pia Justesen is the Danish expert for the European Network of Legal Experts in the Non-Discrimination Field: http://www.non-discrimination.net/countries/denmark

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